"An arresting and stunning artistic feat." -- Ta-Nehisi Coates in the Atlantic 

"Basically, this book is like a gateway drug." -- Shauna on Goodreads
Now in Paperback || Expanded and updated
Breach of Peace is a photo-history of the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders. The book includes the mug shots of all 329 Riders arrested in Jackson that year, along with contemporary portraits and profiles of more than 90 Riders. 
"The mug shots turn out to be a remarkable exercise in folk portraiture.
Seeing them side by side with Etheridge’s terrific portraits of the same men and women forty-five or more years later exerts a fascination reminiscent of Michael Apted’s 'Seven Up' film series. "
"The pictures draw you in, but the text makes you linger. 
What has happened, over the decades, to these young, earnest people? Brief interviews and mini-biographies become mesmerizing time capsules, allowing you to eavesdrop on details of the riders’ lives, as if overhearing snippets of conversation from an adjacent bus seat."
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